Traveling to the US on an E-Visa

When you want to travel to the USA, there are plenty of different visa’s to choose from, depending on why you’re traveling and what you’re doing in the US. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of E-Visa’s compares to other US Visa’s.

An electronic visa can refer to an electronic system you can use to obtain a visa. One of the most common visa’s you can do this with is the ESTA, which stands for Electronic System Travel Authorization. There are lots of countries that fall under the ESTA program, like most of Europe, the UK and Australia.

Using ESTA as a European, Australian or UK citizen

If you want to travel to the United States on an E-Visa, there are a few requirements.
- You can only travel for vacation, not for employment. If you travel to the USA with the purpose to work and you claim you’re only visiting the country for vacation, US border patrol will research your bags and life at home to determine if you’re granted permission to visit the country.
- You’re staying for no more than 90 days and you’re able to let border security know where you’ll be staying and when. Also make sure to book a flight back home in advance and bring evidence of that flight with you on your trip.
- You’re a citizen of a country that falls under the Visa Waiver Program. Most of Europe, the UK and Australia fall under this program
- The ESTA cannot be used if you’re traveling for study credits, radio, film, information media, or to take up permanent residence. If you are traveling for one of these purposes, do not lie about this to border security. If they find out that you lied, they can decide to not grant you permission and ban you from the country for several years or even decades.

Other US Visa’s

When you go online, you’ll find out that there are hundreds of visa’s to choose from when traveling to the USA, but if you’re traveling for vacation purposes from one of the countries that support the Visa Waiver Program, the ESTA is absolutely the best option to go for. It’s easy, cheap and has a low user error, meaning there aren’t a lot of documents one needs to obtain before being able to get an ESTA.

Get your e-visa confirmation

When you’re traveling to the US, you can also choose for a visa on arrival in some cases. That means you get to the US, apply right then and there, and wait for it to process. In other cases it means that you need to apply beforehand online or via an embassy, get a confirmation and then take that information with you as you approach the border security in the US.